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Consider Caucus Membership to Make a Difference in the National Education Association


Are you an NEA member and concerned with the current state regarding transgender policies and teachings in the public schools?  In some schools in the nation, teachers are told they cannot call students girls or boys and the students are told they can choose a gender, completely ignoring the biological facts.  We, as a caucus, believe telling children they can choose their gender is harmful and confusing to children.

NEA caucuses exist within the NEA to influence NEA policy. The NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus was formed in 2004 by a teacher who had been molested as a pre-teen by a same-sex school staff member.  After years of exploring her sexuality, she chose to reject a lesbian identity resulting in dropping a painful struggle and experiencing emotional stability, contentment and a purposeful life.  She believes students need to be supported if they chose to reject a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender identity and actualize their heterosexual potential.

The caucus’ purpose is to provide union delegates at the annual Representative Assembly with current research-based information on sexual and gender identity.  At our information booth, we provide NEA delegates with the opportunity to meet professionals, research scientists, and to gather research-based information on these topics.  Delegates also have the opportunity to meet and talk to individuals who have rejected former LGBT identities.  We strongly believe this voice needs to be heard in the NEA.

Consider becoming a member if you support this caucus continuing our work within the NEA. You do not need to have experienced a same-sex struggle with sexuality. You would not have to attend any meetings or go to the rep assembly, and you can be from any state.

Thank you for your consideration in this important endeavor.

Questions or concerns? Contact:

Susan Halvorson

NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus Chair





If interested, please visit our membership page and return as soon as possible.

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